Video Games

Moonlight Mansion (2020)


Download the video game here for free.

I composed a part of the music for this video game. I also integrated (with 2 other students) all the sound design and the music with Wwise and Unreal.

Listen to the music here


Download the video game here for free!

I made the music and the sound design of this video game with: Tristan Alantar, Josselin Viricel and Nicolas Medina. We integrated all the sounds in the game with Unreal.

Here is a playthrough:

Listen to the music here

Shadow Of The Colossus (2020) – rescoring

This is a rescoring version of the video game ‘Shadow Of The Colossus’. I’ve composed the music as an assignment during my studies at University of Montreal.

Footage used for academic and portfolio purposes


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